Pause for Thought

As we reach the final day of January, I thought I’d finish on a seasonal note. It may not be a popular month,  many might be glad to say goodbye to it, but it hasn’t been without its highlights. This past week, especially, we seem to have experienced all four seasons – snow, heavy rain, strong winds and then on Monday just past, a gloriously sunny day with a hopeful hint of spring in the air. As I write this though, it is expected to be the coldest night of the winter so far and another dusting of snow seems likely.

A few things that have made me smile this week…

Coming home from work to Narnia … I was desperate to capture some winter scenes and ventured out to the back roads where I live but it was oh so cold and I thought my fingers might drop off !


A sunny Monday afternoon – so welcome after a relentlessly grey month and I get to look tall (if just for a moment !).

Emerging daffodils.

green shoots

The setting sun viewed through my rain streaked kitchen window.

sunset through the window

The bareness of the trees at the bottom of the garden.

flying birds

And last, but by no means least, hellebores – always a welcome sight on a January day.

Well, that’s a little round up of things that caught my eye this past week. How has your January been ? Did you do those typical January things …a clear out around the house, book a holiday, sign up at the gym, or none of those things and just enjoyed a quiet month ?  While I’m not a huge fan of dark nights, I have quite enjoyed pottering about indoors, reading, discovering new blogs and thinking about ways to make this year a little extra special (any tips on that front would be most welcome!).

In the meantime, enjoy the last day of January wherever you are x.







  1. We have had a bit of all weather’s too. Today is bitter cold with a light dusting of snow. January has been ok with lots of nice things happening, though I have just found out along with my colleagues that our jobs may not be safe. We have to wait until next week to find out though. Hey Ho. On Friday night I am going to a Gin night with the girls, so looking forward to that! 😁

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  2. Oh I love the hellebores! Beautiful. I bought a couple to cheer up the January garden, and the good news is that the deer don’t like them and they are still flowering….uneaten.

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