Pause for Thought

Despite my best intentions, with work commitments and other projects on the go, time has eluded me to write a weekly ‘Pause for Thought’ post.  But, with the luxury of a long weekend, I’ve finally had time to slow down, gather my thoughts and reflect on some simple, happy moments from the past few weeks.

And the first thought that springs to mind is, well … spring. Isn’t it so lovely that it’s finally here ? At least I hope it’s here and I haven’t spoken too soon – you just never know with the weather these days ! Now, I can finally satisfy my urge to get gardening,  go exploring on day trips here and there and generally revive the spirits after what seemed for me like a very long winter.

Here’s a few simple things I’ve enjoyed in these early days of spring…

Lunch in a lovely old pub – the façade covered in beautiful camellias and pretty window boxes. If you live locally, I’d recommend popping in to Balloo House, the food is so good !

Walks along the beach with our beloved Boris. This little stretch of beach is on the edge of Belfast Lough just a mile or so from the city although you wouldn’t think so from this picture. It’s a dog walker’s paradise and Boris wanted to say hello to every dog he met !

Boris on the beach

Alpine flowers in the garden…with no effort required from me at all, these plants just do their thing and come into flower after the daffodils and hellebores have faded. Such delicate little blossom and much welcome at this time of year.

Alpine in the garden
alpine flowers

A wander around Sketrick Island in Strangford Lough which you reach via a small causeway from the mainland. While hubby sat in the pub with a pint of Guinness, I went for a dander, coming across this pretty green cabin nestled amongst the trees and blackthorn blossom at the water’s edge.  I must admit, I’m slightly envious of whoever owns it….sigh !

Skettrick Island 3
Skettrick Island 2
Blackthorn Blossom
Sketrick Island

Last, but by no means least, seed sowing. At Christmas I treated myself to a beautifully packaged bundle of seeds from Grace Alexander.  And just yesterday on a sunny spring day, I started sowing the first lot –  Crème Brulee Phlox. As always I live in hope that my efforts will reward me with beautiful flowers. It is, for sure, a lesson in hope and optimism.  Please do check out her beautiful website and Instagram feed for botanical inspiration.

Grace Alexander

Well, that’s my little round up of moments that have brought me joy these past few weeks. I always feel better after writing these posts, as the very act of writing and reflecting makes me appreciate more what is good in life.

What are you enjoying and appreciating at the moment ? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Wherever you are, have a lovely Sunday x

  1. I’ve just got back from a walk in the park, where we’ve been enjoying the blossom, (me) and exploring all those tantilising scent trails, (doggies). Spring keeps changing its mind; lulled us into a sense of false security last weekend. I rushed out to plant herbs and nasturtiums , only to have the temp drop drastically and the rain bucket down! Still a wee bit grey this morning, but I’ve a feeling better weather is on the way.

    Do like the green cabin.

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  2. Watering my plants, seeing their new growth brings me great joy and gratitude for green in the cold months. I agree with your comments on writing and reflecting. Exploration keeps the soul happy. I cannot wait to see the Crème Brulee Phlox, they will be spectacular. Thank you for sharing the link, too.

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  3. Gorgeous photos and always so inspiring! Love the beautifully designed seed packets – the packaging would make you want to buy them! Always so exciting to see the little seedlings appear. Have sown lots and some are amazing and others taking a while! Here is to a flowery garden… hopefully. xx

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