Buds, blossom and blooms

Last Saturday the sun shone all day. It was glorious, if a bit chilly. And for a little botanical pick me up, I jumped in the car and took the short drive to one of my favourite places. With just my camera for company,  I went for a walk arounds the grounds,  enjoying the sunshine, the place quickly filling up with dog walkers, joggers and families out to make the most of a lovely spring day. As always, I tried my best to capture the scene, drawn as I was to the tiny buds, the pretty blossom and the delicate blooms , the morning sunlight illuminating the soft whites, yellows and blues of an early April day. And after a wander, I warmed up my cold hands with coffee (and cake ) in the nearby café, before heading home happy after a morning well spent.

Nothing says spring as much as blossom in the sunshine…

Blossom bud



And the daisies looked so pretty, reaching up for the sun…


It was lovely to discover huge clusters of primroses covering the woodland floor…

primrose 1

primroses 2

And then I came across this little beauty. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s the most gorgeous shade of cornflower blue. If you know what it is, feel free to share the details in the comments below.

blue petals

blue petals 2

blue petals 3

Wherever you are, have a lovely Sunday x

  1. Gorgeous flower photos. Really pretty.
    I’m wondering if the blue flower is a type of forget me not. Saw some myself today that looked very similar by the river. Or perhaps a type of speedwell called Brookline. X

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