cherry blossom

Cherishing the cherry blossom

It seems,  when other cherry blossom trees have flowered and faded and their petals lie strewn on the ground like confetti, that the one in our garden is only getting started. I’m not sure why that is exactly, but I kind of like it so.  And although the spectacle comes round reliably every year, it’s no less welcome because of it. This year, it’s come round a little earlier than usual but I’m still surprised by how fleeting the moment is. One day there are buds, a few days later froths of blossom greet me as I come home and a few days later still, the blossom is flittering through the air to the ground below.

The tree we have is a ‘Prunus Amanogawa’ which was planted about a decade ago. It’s a slow growing, upright and slender variety that doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. The blossom is soft white to delicate blush pink, almost translucent in the morning sunlight and in the autumn, the leaves turn a lovely shade of gold before they too fall to the ground and we are left with the bare tree over winter. No matter what the weather throws at it – gales, heavy snowfall, relentless rain,  this little tree comes back every year and I cherish it as much for its resilience as its blossom.

cherry blossom 3
cherry blossom 4

cherry blossom

‘And since to look at things in bloom

Fifty springs are little room

About the woodlands I will go

To see the cherry hung with snow’

‘Loveliest of trees’ by A.E. Houseman from ‘A Shropshire Lad’

cherry blossom

I’d love to know what you cherish in your garden. Feel free to share in the comments below.

Hope you had a relaxing Easter – wasn’t the weather lovely?


  1. Gorgeous photos! What do I cherish in my garden…thats a difficult question to answer. Everything….except the bindweed! The whole amazing show from winter through to winter, everything coming into life in its own time, blooming, growing, dying back. It’s the constant changes and fleeting blooms that make it so special. Enjoy your moment with the cherry blossom.

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  2. What a gorgeous tree, I bet the leaves look lovely in autumn too. 😊 I’m not sure what my favourites are in the garden yet as most things we’ve planted are still establishing themselves but I was very relieved that both our little apple trees survived their first winter after being planted, they’re still so tiny and spindly but apparently much tougher than they look!

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  3. Cherrys have proved to be short-lived here and the only one still with me, by coincidence, it ‘Amanogowa’. I have several native cherries on a boundary ditch and, of course, they thrive. Other favourites? Magnolias, hawthorns and mountain ash all do very well here.


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