Pause for Thought

These past few weeks seem to have gone by in a bit of a blur.  Work is relentlessly busy and sometimes it feels like there is no time to do anything else. I’m sure we must all feel like that from time to time.  Thankfully, though, the longer evenings allow for a quick potter around the garden after work, or a precious half hour sowing seeds, or a walk with Boris around the neighbourhood. And although May got off to a bit of dodgy start (well, actually, it was freezing), the sun has returned this weekend, making it more like the May we all know and love with spring bursting forth wherever you look.

I often think to myself that it’s the so called ‘little things’ that enrich our days and that when I am in my older years, these are the things I will be glad I captured. Here’s a few of those ‘little things’  that have caught my eye or made me smile in the last few weeks.

A close encounter with a squirrel. Admittedly, this little chap is an American grey and not our native red squirrel. Sadly, our local population of reds is under threat from habitat loss and from the growing population of grey squirrels. It was in fact a single incident that led to the spread of the grey squirrel. Back in  1911, 12 of them were brought over to Ireland from England as a wedding present and they subsequently escaped. By the 1960s, they had reached north of the border and have colonised much of the countryside ever since. I guess it’s not this little guy’s fault though and although he may not be entirely welcome, he is still cute !


A walk through the woods, frothing over with cow parsley and wild garlic and that beautiful dappled light

cow parsley
cow parsley 2
wild garlic

Glorious, glorious apple blossom

apple blossom
apple blossom 2

Words of wisdom on a tree (thank you Roald Dahl – I love this !)


A riverside walk…I wish I could have lingered a little longer…


Quiet moments at home with my two boys…

my two boys

Dusk on a May evening…


What have you been enjoying or appreciating these past few weeks? Feel free to share your ‘Pause for Thought’ moments in the comments below.

Have a lovely Sunday x

  1. Wow…stunning. I enjoy the green out there right now. We don’t have a lot of green here at the moment in our deserts because the temps are warming up, not too bad yet. I would walk everyday if I lived where you do. What beauty you are surrounded by. Thanks for taking us all on this beautiful walk of yours. Have a great Sunday, you and your boys,

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    1. Loved your story about your pool. Yes I imagine it must be quite a lot of maintenance. It is getting greener every day here and it’s quite warm at the mo. Believe it or not, I think we need some rain !!!


  2. I agree, it’s those small simple things that count. And hurrah for the sunshine! My pauses for thought this weekend: the great tit parents working so hard to feed their newly hatched babies right outside our window; the quality of light very early in the morning when I let the cats out (before hurrying back to bed – it was VERY early); and the bright sickle moon in a sparkling sky last night (when I called the cats in!). I have a lot to thank the cats for, it seems!

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  3. Currently at my mum’s in the lakes and definitely hoping to see a red squirrel. Only have the Grey’s back home. I have a feeling the poor Grey’s get culled up here though. It’s sad for them, not their fault poor things. Lovely pictures as always. Today has been beautiful too. 🙂

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  4. What beautiful forest photos you have from your walk. The one of the dappled path takes me on its own journey. Currently, I am appreciating the marvelous “little thing” of birdsong which I have missed while in desert climes.

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