Pause for Thought

‘Pausing for Thought’ … I don’t do it every day or even every week but then, suddenly,  I reach a point where I  need to stop and reflect on the weeks gone by – to celebrate the highlights, the little moments of joy, the beauty in the everyday. I’m sure there are many of us who think the world is in a crazy place right now – globally, nationally and locally and I admit sometimes I feel a growing sense of frustration and panic.  A ‘pause for thought’ helps to strike a note of balance and perspective and after watching War on Plastic (did you see it ?) and hearing some awful news at work, I really felt I needed to take stock this week and seek out the good.

Here’s a few of my ‘good things’ …

  1. I had a few days’ holiday in late May and made the most of the sunshine to go out on walks with Boris. He hasn’t featured much on this blog of late but I know he has many fans out there ! Since his puppy days Boris has suffered with itchy skin, as is common in basset hounds, and we have tried everything under the sun to alleviate the problem, with varying degrees of success. Thankfully we now think we have found the solution – it’s not ideal as it’s a tablet but his skin has improved dramatically and he literally does seem happier in his own skin 🙂

pause for thought 2

2. Lavender – a new addition to the garden and the bees can’t get enough of it.

pause for thought 5

3.  A Saturday morning trip to a favourite place – Ballylagan Organic Farm– for breakfast, a few purchases at the farm shop and a walk round the farm where we did a meet and greet with this pair (loved it !!).

4. A scene in a forest…like a Monet painting

pause for thought 11

5. Sown from seed and has just flowered this morning – the first of the cosmos.

pause for thought 12

Well, that’s my round up of a few good things. What about you ? What little things have you been grateful for ? Feel free to share in the comments below.

And, in the meantime, have a lovely Sunday x


  1. I’m very glad Boris is feeling much better. No fun having itchy skin. I’m definitely going to get a couple of tubs of lavender to put in front of the caravan. I did look for some yesterday but couldn’t actually find any. I hope the happy times outweighed the sad ones this month. x

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    1. Oh thank you…yes Boris is full of beans. His skin was really quite bad and we were quite distressed about it. Yes happy times all things considered. Hope you find some lavender 🙂🙂


  2. A pause for thought is so important. In the last couple of weeks I’ve stopped watching and reading the news. It’s given me more time for reflection and also removed a lot of negativity and uncertainty from my life. I figure that of anything really important happens, someone will tell me! Meanwhile, my life is more peaceful.

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    1. Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve really cut down on the amount of news I watch. Everyone seems so addicted to a non stop 24 hour stream of news, but when it’s relentingly bad, we do need to switch off !

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    2. It is so addictive! And yet in some ways nothing actually happens, it’s just a lot of ‘what ifs’. Far nicer to go for a walk or potter in the garden and appreciate everyday beauty 😀

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