On a cliff edge

A few weekends ago, we took ourselves up to the north coast for a weekend getaway. During our stay, we spent a lovely Sunday morning at Whiterocks beach, just a short distance from the seaside town of Portrush.

Whiterocks is a stunning location on the Causeway coast- a long stretch of golden sandy beach, surrounded as its name suggests, by craggy, white limestone cliffs whose caves are home to a variety of seabirds.

It’s a long time since I’ve visited this beach, but as I drove down the narrow curving road leading to the car park , it brought back happy memories of day trips with my parents to this very same spot.

Whiterocks beach 11

As we had arrived quite early, we had no problem parking and off I went for a wander along the beach.  As I was walking back, I looked up and noticed a small bridge nestled amongst the cliffs and soon discovered it was part of a newly constructed cliff top pathway.

View of the bridge from the beach below

Whiterocks beach 12

As we had no fixed plans for the day, I set off  along the white gravel path to see where it would take me.

Whiterocks beach 4

I was rewarded with  beautiful views out to sea, glimpses of the beach down below and further ahead of me,  the stunning headlands which make the Causeway coast so spectacular. The clifftop was covered in rampant brown bracken as far as the eye I could see.

Whiterocks beach 6

Whiterocks beach 1

In this picture, you can just make out the medieval ruins of Dunluce Castle. Perched right on a cliff edge, the castle’s kitchen fell into the sea one stormy night in 1639 !

Whiterocks beach 2

Whiterocks beach 3

Whiterocks beach 5

I reached the bridge that I had seen from the beach below and from there the path started to wind its way uphill towards the main road.  There was hardly a soul to be seen and I stopped every few seconds to admire the view.

Whiterocks beach 7

I continued on until I reached the top of the cliff path and there, right in front of me,  the full beauty of Whiterocks beach revealed itself…

Whiterocks beach and Portrush with Donegal in the distance

Whiterocks beach 10

For me, though, it was the view to my left that ran riot through my imagination.  It was like I had turned round and found myself in a field of autumn…

And that made me very happy indeed !

Whiterocks beach 8

Whiterocks beach 9

You can find out more about Whiterocks beach here

I’d highly recommend a visit if you are ever in this neck of the woods.

And, in the meantime, have a lovely Sunday x

  1. It looks absolutely beautiful! Your photos are stunning. That castle looks so atmospheric. Definitely in a precarious position… I really hope no-one was in the kitchen when it fell in!

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  2. This is interesting, we were here two weeks ago and I wish I’d looked up and seen the bridge. Would have loved to see that view overlooking Whiterocks. Had a swim, and there were other women swimming, which was great considering it was more or less November! The sea was rough though – Antrim is so windy. Called in on Ballintoy Harbour and it was mobbed – must be the Game of Thrones effect….

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