Navigating November

I’m writing this post sitting at the kitchen table. It’s a wet Saturday afternoon, it’s quiet and the only thing I can hear is Boris gently snoozing.  What natural light there is streams in through the kitchen window, from where I can see the medley of brown and green and copper of the trees at the bottom of the garden.

November often gets a bad press and I do struggle a little myself with the lack of daylight between one weekend and the next.  A 6am start during the week just seems so much more of a challenge when it’s pitch black outside. The weather has been variable of late – wet and mild mostly, but thankfully we’ve had some crisp and frosty mornings too, perfect for an early weekend walk to soak up that lovely and much needed light.





I do enjoy, too,  these rare Saturday afternoons indoors that November seems to force upon us…a welcome opportunity to slow down a little, recharge and enjoy the simple pleasures of home. Later on, I’ll light some candles, switch on the fairy lights and Boris and I will try to squeeze onto the sofa together for cuddles ! Can you believe he turns four in early December ? Later still, I’ll snuggle down in bed to continue reading  Jane Eyre (for the first time since my teenage years). I’m loving it even more second time round.

That’s how I’m navigating November…what about you ?

Have a lovely Sunday x

Boris the basset



  1. You’ve captured some lovely photos and a cosy mood, especially love the photo of Boris in the leaves, such a handsome boy. Enjoy Jane Eyre, the Bronte sisters all wrote such perfect stories for the colder, darker months of year. X

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  2. November seems to have passed in a flash and it still had a lot of autumn colours to light it up. You pictures are lovely – capturing the gorgeous light of the season. I hope you have a big sofa and a sturdy pair of knees!

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