A coastal walk

When I turned the bend in the road and caught a glimpse of the sea for the first time after lockdown, I don’t mind admitting I cried a little. Partly from relief I guess, and partly from sheer joy at how beautiful it all was.  A few miles further along the County Antrim coast, I stopped at a small car park about a mile south of Glenarm village and took a walk along the flat gravel path which winds its way along the sea edge there, marked by car parks at either end.

It’s been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and it’s easy to see why….on one side of the path lies pockets of white shingly beach leading out to the expanse of the Irish sea, on the other side, coastal grasslands and limestone rock formations,  all set against the green backdrop of the Glens of Antrim. I enjoyed the walk so much that I’ve been back a few times since my first visit.  It’s not a long walk by any means (about 500m), but there’s plenty to enjoy – the sea air, the beautiful landscape and lots of interesting coastal wildlife too.  Bring a flask of tea and you can round off your walk with a sit down and a brew at the picnic tables which are located at either end of the path.

The gravel path looking across to the Glens of Antrim

Coastal path Glenarm

Glenarm Coastal Walk

The coastline – can you spot the couple sitting nestled amongst the rocks?

Glenarm coastal patch

Glenarm coastal path


The perfect spot to linger for a while


There is an abundance of wildlife to be found amongst the grasses and rocks including pretty coastal wildflowers and a myriad of insects…

Coastal grassland

Speedwell – a pretty blue flower that can be found in coastland grasses and roadside verges. Considered a good luck charm for travellers passing by, the flowers of Germander Speedwell are meant to ‘speed’ you on your way.


Sea campion

Sea campion

A day flying moth called a Six Spot Burnet – isn’t she pretty?

Six spot burnet

I can see myself returning here many times over the coming months to enjoy the walk and see how the scene changes over the seasons.  Normally, I might have headed further along the coast to some of the more popular spots but I find myself drawn these days to the quieter, more wilder places off the beaten track.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed these scenes from my walks.

Have a lovely Sunday and keep safe,

Paula x

  1. I love the Antrim coast, and this is my favourite kind of day out. I’m also liking the quieter, wilder places off the beaten track though. Love the flower pics: I find them so hard with the constant wind here!


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