Return to the Bluebell Wood

On the approach to the small town of Portglenone, you’ll find the entrance to the forest and the ancient woodland that is home to millions of bluebells. With travel restrictions in force last May, I couldn’t visit this magical place so it was high on my priority list this year to return as soon as the current lockdown restrictions were lifted. I simply love this place and with Northern Ireland being one of the least wooded regions with just 8% woodland cover compared to around 37% in Europe, it’s a very precious place indeed. So dad and I stuck to the designated pathways, careful not to tread anywhere we shouldn’t and enjoyed a wander round the woodland, listening to birdsong and taking in the haze of blue. We followed one of the paths up through the woods which led us to an old cemetery and found the bluebells were slowly reclaiming that space too. And although the sun was shining, it was distinctly cool underneath the canopy and we were happy to warm up with a flask of tea when we returned to the car !

A few scenes from our wander …


Although you usually have to pay to park, I think the charges have been waived for now (although I’m not sure how much longer that will last). There are toilets on site as well as picnic tables. From Belfast it takes approximately 45 mins to get there.

Have a lovely Sunday,

Paula x

  1. With the lifting of restrictions we have visited two gardens – the desire to go somewhere, to do something! And we saw great expanses of bluebells also.

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    1. I’ve just finished reading Secret Gardens of Somerset and how I’d love to be able to travel and visit gardens again!

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