Joy Spotting in January

This January I made no New Year’s resolutions, choosing instead to ease myself gently into 2022 and take each day at a time . Despite the weather, I enjoy the quieter, slower pace of this time of year. It’s a good time to reflect and rather than rush straight back into the same routine and pursue the same things, I have been giving some thought to possibly having a career break or perhaps a career change. After working in industry for 30 years , I feel like a change would do me good but have still to figure out what that change might be (any tips and advice would be most welcome !).

So, while I attempt to forge a new path of some kind, I have also been out and about enjoying what January has to offer. It’s so easy just to look out the window and dismiss January as a dull, cold, and dreary month. But it is full of colour and texture and while we have had rain and stormy weather, we have also had a dusting of snow and some days filled with that beautiful January light. And as the light lasts a little longer each day, there is definitely a sense that spring is slowly stirring. Daffodil shoots are emerging, the first snowdrop appeared in the garden the other day and our local neighbourhood birds are definitely getting noisier !

Some moments of joy spotting in January…

Snow on Carnmoney Hill…wild and windy but definitely worth the hike to the top…

Carnmoney Hill
Carnmoney Hill

A walk to Blackhead Lighthouse, on what felt like a warm and almost balmy day with a short stop at Carrickfergus on our way home for coffee and to watch the sun start to set over the marina.

The first snowdrops and the chirpiest little robin I’ve ever met !

When the weather has been too cold and wet, I’ve been making plans for the garden. We gave our back garden a makeover last year and I now have two raised beds, one will be for herbs, the other for cut flowers. Dahlia tubers have been ordered from Farmer Gracy and I’ve been reading some gardening books for inspiration. I am very much looking forward to sowing seeds and seeing how the garden develops over the coming year. More to follow in future posts.

What about you? How have you been spending January?

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday,

Paula x

  1. Hellebores and snowdrops in the garden are bringing me joy at this time of year. The lighthouse photo is lovely. I’m starting to get itchy feet in my career too, but no idea what direction to go in, hoping you find a new path to follow. 😊

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    1. Yes its proving quite difficult to figure out what I could do next. So having to really think about things. It’s so good to see the snowdrops coming up isn’t it ? Hope you and yours are keeping well x


  2. I think each season has so much to offer – in the wonderful outdoors, as well as in life. Thanks for the beautiful posts and pictures you share.
    A couple years back I changed paths slightly in my job by switching to rather part-time like hours while adding in other necessary things.

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