The month of May

The month of May heralds the arrival of three of my favourite things…bluebells, cow parsley and hawthorn blossom. And although it has been unseasonably windy and rather wet, the temperature is on the rise , the hedgerows are full to bursting and everyday sees a little more growth in the garden.

At the start of month, we visited the bluebell wood at Portglenone. It’s an annual pilgrimage now with my dad and although the weather did not bode well, we made the journey anyway and even the drizzle did not deter from the sight of that beautiful blue haze carpeting the woodland floor.

By mid May, the cow parsley was in full bloom and still is. Years ago, I’m not sure anyone even noticed or paid much attention to cow parsley, but now a quick swipe through Instagram reveals hundreds of pictures of this humble plant. I do wonder if it is something to do with Monty Don. His writing garden at Longmeadow is entirely based upon the lovely lightness of cow parsley in spring. Indeed, in his book ‘My Garden World’, he writes ‘There is nothing in this world so beautiful as cow parsley on a May evening beneath uncut hedges of may blossom. Nothing, outside the arms of those you love, that so exactly fulfills the promise of the reasons to be alive.’ I couldn’t agree more – I find it the most photogenic of flowers.

I don’t have to travel far to photograph cow parsley – it’s abundant in the hedgerows outside my front door, but I do like to visit Antrim Castle Gardens where the woodland is taken over by it every May. It is really quite a spectacle.

And, now as we approach the end of May, it’s the hawthorn blossom that is the main event. Huge boughs of white flowers line the road where I take Boris for a walk most evenings. Walks with Boris are a slow affair, as he likes to stop and sniff almost everything, but I don’t mind. It’s his walk after all, not mine, and it’s a pleasure to pause and admire the hawthorn blossom in that lovely dappled light that May brings.

A few pictures from the month of May…

I hope you are keeping well,

Wishing you a lovely Sunday,

Paula x

  1. Lovely photos as always. Boris sounds like a very mindful chap, we really could learn a lot from pets and children about slowing down and noticing all the little interests around us. Must admit cow parsley is one of those plants I tend to overlook, though it reminds me of my childhood as it grew wild everywhere. Hope you’re well. X

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    1. Yes I think you are absolutely right…pets and children can teach us a lot about connecting with nature. Yes I’m good. Hope you and yours are keeping well too x


  2. Love the first of bluebells….looks like it’s straight out of a storybook! We have an abundance of cow parsley where we live also….o have always been amazed at how delicate the flower looks but how hardy they actually are! ❤️

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  3. You are so right about May being filled with these beautiful flowers. I have definitely noticed Cow Parsley more than usual this year, it seems to be everywhere. X


    1. Thank you very much Laura. Yes, I feel quite lucky to live close to one…the sight of all those bluebells is quite magical., although Australia has plenty of its own magical sights Im sure !


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