About Me


Hello. I’m Paula. I live just outside Belfast with my other half and an adorable basset hound called Boris.

When I was   little,  my parents bought me a typewriter. I would sit at the kitchen table and type up little stories of adventures. Fuelled by an active imagination, I must have typed hundreds of stories.

Years later, I’ve returned to the typewriter (well a laptop these days) to create this personal blog. In between work and being mum to a hound dog, I share little snippets of my life – from stories about my dog to what I love about living here in N Ireland, from photography to interiors , gardening to travel, my inspirations and everything in between.

For me, life is all about savouring the simple moments and enjoying beauty in the every day. I hope to capture that in my blog.

I hope you enjoy what I share online. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.


All images my own unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use any of my images, please drop me a note using the Contact form.

  1. So nice to get the chance to know you better Paula. Among the things I love: vintage clothing, antique shop, gardens, photography, reading, writing, walking… Simple things that make life extra special. BTW, when I was a teenager my dad also gave me an old typewriter: A Remington. I still have it. 😀

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