Exam weather

The second or third week in May almost always brings good weather here. It reminds me of my teenage years when I had to study for my O Levels and A levels. At the very moment when I needed to be indoors doing revision, the long awaited sunshine arrived. I can remember wistfully looking out my bedroom window, wishing I could be outside, making the most of the good weather. Sometimes I took my books out into the garden, but any attempts to study were in vain…all I wanted to do was listen to the radio and soak up the sun.

This May has been no exception. The sun has been out in force this past week and with exams a distant memory, I’ve been out on walks with Bo, enjoying theΒ  sunshine, the cow parsley and wild garlic scenting the path and fields filling up with wildflowers.

wild garlic

cow parsley

horse in the field

cow parsley 1


wild garlic

In the longer grass , Boris becomes his true self…a real hound dog on the scent, a flash of gold against the green. He loves to reach this place on our walks and while he races around, I can stand and admire the beautiful view of Cavehill in the distance.

dog in the field

And, then, when we get home and settle in the for evening,Β  the sun sets behind the trees leaving us with a beautiful view from the kitchen window.

May really has been lovely.

sunset in May

Have a lovely Sunday…

  1. Ohhhhhh yes, I remember “exam weather” too! I’m so glad those days are behind me, and I can enjoy the sun! It’s nice to see you & Boris out making the most of the good weather, and all those beautiful wild flowers!

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