My year in moments

As the end of year approaches, I’ve been thinking about the past twelve months, trying to assess how it all went.  Looking back, it was a rather lovely year.  We and our families enjoyed good health,  we paid off our mortgage, Boris reached the grand old age of 3 and I hit the final year of my forties. I’ve yet to figure out exactly how I feel about reaching this particular milestone !

It was also a year enriched by travel. February saw us escape to Donegal for a weekend break where on a cold and wintry Sunday morning, we walked along the beautiful, deserted beach at Port Salon and I felt like I had reached the end of the world.  Come July, despite Ryanair’s best attempts to thwart our travel plans, we made a much anticipated trip to Copenhagen. In the sweltering summer heat there, we took the train to Malmo one day and enjoyed lunch looking out across blue sea and sky to the spectacular Oresund Bridge.  Later, in October,  we enjoyed another short break closer to home on Rathlin Island where we were rewarded with views of basking seals, stunning sunrises and beautiful sunsets.

It was a year, too,  inspired by nature. I enjoyed adding new plants to the garden, growing beautiful cosmos and love in a mist from seed as well as witnessing some of nature’s spectacles – bluebells in the wood, magnolia in bloom, bees, butterflies and birds in the garden, the golden tones of autumn. I visited Benvarden for the first time too – an unforgettable garden that I hope to return to next year. All these moments gave me sheer joy.

I also have to admit, though,  that it was a year where I often felt beleaguered, bewildered even and upset, by events around the world – the never ending Brexit debacle, Trump, the stalemate in our local politics, the damage we continue to inflict on the planet. I’ve felt powerless to effect any change and imagine many others must feel the same.

Perhaps that’s why I’m also thankful for the simplest pleasures from the year – hubby making me breakfast on a Sunday morning, a cuddle with Boris, snuggling up on the sofa to watch a box set,  a lovely comment on a blog post, a thank you from a friend, a good laugh with colleagues. Perhaps too, that’s why I’m trying to embrace more simplicity in an increasingly chaotic world, to consume less and experience more lovely moments in the year to come.

My year in moments …


Well, that’s how my year panned out. What about you? What were your highlights from the year ?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

And, in the meantime, wherever you are in the world, have a Happy New Year. See you in 2019 !

  1. Your year looked absolutely wonderful. I’m so glad you document it pieces of it here. I love your pictures and seeing Boris always brings joy. I hope you have another wonderful year! Happy New Year!πŸŒŸπŸŽ‡πŸ’š

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