Moments in May

As the month of May comes to an end, I’d just thought a share a few photographs from walks around my local area. At the beginning of the lockdown I’ll admit I felt a little apprehensive about taking my camera with me on walks, it didn’t feel right somehow,  so I left it behind. I was worried, too, that someone might question whether it was essential. However,  in the past week or two, I’ve ventured out with it. Walks in the fresh air and amongst nature are great for our mental wellbeing.  I think many people are discovering the benefits of being outdoors at this time , judging by the amount of people I’ve seen out walking and jogging around my neighbourhood.

Capturing little moments on camera during my walks helps with mental wellbeing too, I believe.  Photography can help you to observe more, to notice little details, to see things with fresh eyes.  And so long as you don’t get too hung up on your camera settings, it can be a tool to practice mindfulness, to be more present in the moment.  And when I look back at these images in years to come, I’ll remember where I was when I took them and why I was there, wandering down quiet country lanes with not a soul to be seen.

May – the month of hedgerows, hawthorn and cow parsley




Sometimes, though, I have company … it’s not always easy to socially distance from a curious cat !


Have a lovely Sunday and stay safe …

Paula x

  1. Aw, love the cat! I’ve actually really loved seeing people out with their cameras and seeing the photos people have been capturing – I feel like it’s not only good for the photographer to have that creative outlet during this stressful time, but it’s also good for all of us to be able to see different corners of the world while we can’t travel very far! But I understand the nerves of feeling judged. I haven’t taken mine out yet for that reason, just my phone – I need to be brave though and just do it!

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  2. It’s wonderful to get out for a little while and enjoy the countryside. I’ve yet to do it. 11 weeks without being out now. Soon!

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    1. Ah…thank you so much for your kind comments. Yes my camera is with me all the time now as we ease out of lockdown. Hopefully we can now enjoy some sort of summer. Hope you are well !

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