Reflecting on Summer

I’m an autumn girl at heart. I love autumn and all that this season brings. I’ve been looking forward to it more than normal this year. Perhaps it was the intense heat of June and July, perhaps it was the relentless rain in August, but already in September, I feel more at ease, happier in the cooler and hopefully drier weather, more energised to get things done and move forward with projects and plans.

Still, it was undoubtedly one of the warmest summers we can all remember and before it slips completely away, it’s good to reflect on our favourite summer moments and memories.

For me, the summer (at least the early part of it), brings back memories of hot summer days, the commute home being almost unbearable in slow moving traffic. Then, arriving home, to throw open the patio doors and enjoy the sunshine for a few more hours until the sun set. I ate more ice cream than I’ve ever eaten before and Boris took refuge from the sun under hedges or anywhere he could find some shade.

basset hound

Elsewhere, beaches were packed with sunbathers and people complained about having  to constantly water their garden until the hosepipe ban came into force.   Mum and I enjoyed a rather tipsy afternoon tea on a sunny Saturday at the rooftop garden at Babel. It was a day to dress up,  enjoy the glamorous surroundings and have a good old chat while catching rooftop glimpses of the city through the porthole windows. I do recommend a visit, just be warned though, The Tipsy Tea lives up to its name !

Then, in mid July, we travelled to Copenhagen for a wonderful summer holiday, the heat just as intense as it had been at home. On one of the hottest days, we took the train to Malmo in Sweden where we walked from the train station out to the dockland area where I finally got to see the Oresund bridge – a personal highlight for me and a memory I will treasure forever.

We also discovered a beautiful florist shop in Malmo (Blomster Pigan) and my hubby patiently waited while I ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ my way round the store, wishing there was more room in my suitcase to take things home !

summer memories

Copenhagen was a new destination for us and we enjoyed discovering all it had to offer, returning home to our hotel each evening for the free wine hour and refreshing mint tea, made using handpicked mint leaves from the terrace (bliss !). Our hotel (Avenue Hotel ) was in the suburbs, away from the busy city centre but perfectly located to explore the neighbourhoods of Frederiksburg and Norrebro.

August saw the return of the rain, welcome at first but lingering longer than we would have liked. I celebrated a ‘birthday weekend’ doing a Hop on Hop off bus tour of my home city, Belfast, followed by lunch and a large slice of Victoria sponge at the Grand Central Hotel (delish !). I read a little, got a little camera practice in and at work, my team achieved it’s highest sales number ever, proving that with a good team, anything is possible.

And in between all these goings on, I pottered about in the garden and the pretty white flowers of Gauda ‘whirling butterflies’ bloomed all summer long. They are, in fact, still blooming now.

summer memories

So, all in all, summer was lovely, inspiring and rather productive. It’s only on stopping to reflect on it that I realise how much we did, the good times we had and the memories we’ve created.

ps I was inspired to write this post after reading a lovely article (September’s Song) on the Creative Countryside website.  I’ve attached the link here if you want to learn more. Feel free, too, to share your summer highlights in the comments below.

Also, the winner of my little giveaway from last week’s post is Sharon. Please check out her lovely blog Sunshine and Celandines.

Have a lovely Sunday x



  1. So beautiful, loved this post. I still can’t believe how fast the summer went by. It wasn’t too bad here in Arizona so we stayed in the city more than past years. We usually would have gone up north to our place close to the mountains when the temps are much cooler. We had a few Arizona road trips but mostly I hung out in my garden swimming and hanging out with all the little birds that always stop by early in the mornings before the sun comes up. Happy the summer is behind us and really looking forward to the Fall as well. That photo of your dog with all the little flowers around him is so sweet, beautiful post and photos. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Oh my thank you very much.😊 I never win anything! I am thrilled. I am happy Autumn is on its way too. Although I was very grateful for the lovely Summer. It was definitely too hot for our doggies. X

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    1. We have 3 Bassetts who come onto the park nearby and I think they’re great dogs. One of them likes to ‘stalk’ my dog – she kind of crawls along the ground as if she’s being so secret but we can all see her doing it in full view 🙂

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  3. Lovely post! I feel the same – the summer has been beautiful, but I am so so ready for autumn. Fresh air, pretty leaves, wrapping up warm in chunky knitwear, blackberry and apple crumble… bring it on!

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