A trip to the Autumn fair

With the leaves turning brown and the days shortening, you definitely get a sense that autumn has arrived. And yesterday, on a dry, mellow afternoon, we took a wander around the Autumn Fair. It seemed like a lovely way to mark the start of this gorgeous season and to embrace all things autumnal.

Set in the grounds of the beautiful Botanic Gardens in Belfast, the fair is an event for all the family, with food and drink stalls, live music and lots of activities for children. There is also a marquee filled with floral and horticultural exhibits, celebrating the ‘ best in class’ of the season, from giant leeks and marrows, to prize winning pompom dahlias,  jars of locally made honey and pretty floral displays.

plant sale

pompom dahlias

We wandered around, admiring the skill, effort and patience that it must have taken to grow such a variety of local produce and I picked up a few tips on how to grow prize winning dahlias ! Then, while my parents sat drinking coffee in the afternoon sunshine, I took a walk around the Botanic Gardens, a hugely popular spot in Belfast with locals and tourists alike.  The gardens are home to not only the Palm House but also the newly restored Tropical Ravine and a beautiful rose garden.

rose garden 2

And, although the roses are fading now, their floral scent still hung in the air as I walked by.

Seated amongst the ‘Marry Me’ roses,  I spotted this couple having a quiet cup of tea together, away from the crowds.  I couldn’t help but think it made for a rather romantic moment…

rose garden 3

I made my way back, then, through the garden, the borders filled with beautiful displays of cosmos. It seemed to me the gardens looked at their best, the swathes of white and pink providing a stunning backdrop to the fair.

field of cosmos flowers

And, with the forecasted rain still some way off , it made for a ‘feel good’ day and a lovely way to say ‘Hello Autumn, I’ve been waiting for you’.

cosmos flowers

So, that’s the start of my autumn. What about you? Have you any events you plan on going to or little rituals for this time of year? I’d love to hear what you get up to for autumn, so feel free to comment below.

ps For those of you who live locally, the Autumn Fair continues today, between 12 and 6pm. Entrance is completely free.

You can find out more here

Have a lovely Sunday x

  1. Wow! Your last two photos are stunning. I recently visited the Botanical Garden in Montreal with Darren and Dee-Dee and we had so much fun. Darren took many beautiful pictures as well. Watch for the post soon to come on his blog. I know you will enjoy it. You two have the same passion for flowers and gardens.

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