September light

If there is one thing I love about September, it’s the light. That gorgeous, mellow light that streams through the bedroom window in the morning and illuminates the kitchen in the evening.  Light that makes for beautiful, wistful scenes on a walk through the neighbourhood,  seeping through the hedgerows, lengthening the shadows, highlighting the golds and greens.  More so than at any other time of the year, this is the light I love best.

autumn leaves

autumn scene

It even makes me look tall…and that’s something I never get to say !!

me and my shadow

Even on a cool Saturday morning,  that lovely light makes for a pretty scene in the garden, showing off the last of the pink flowers…

autumn light

And perhaps my favourite scene so far….the hedgerows in the evening golden hour.

morning berries

In all honesty, I can’t believe the month has passed so quickly. I wish it would linger a little longer. What about you? What have you been enjoying in September?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

In any case, wherever you are, enjoy your Sunday x

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