Of roses

Can I just say quietly, at the outset, that I have relationship issues with roses ? In my head, I see these beautiful flowers as the preserve of ‘proper gardeners’, and I don’t fall into that category (being slightly more haphazard in my approach and infinitely less knowledgeable). And so I don’t have any in my garden. Add to that the frustration I feel when trying to photograph them and, well, it’s not got our relationship off to a good start…

So, on Sunday, when we took an impromptu visit to Lady Dixon Park in Belfast, famous for its rose displays, I considered whether it was even worthwhile bringing my camera. We wandered around the huge selection of roses on display, admiring the sheer intensity of colour and that distinctive floral scent. All lovely, of course, but it was the rambling roses in the Princess Diana Memorial Garden that truly caught my eye (and made me reach for my camera !).

At the entrance,  a plaque informs visitors that ‘the garden has been laid out and planted with roses that give meaning to her life and the causes she supported’. Consisting of different varieties in shades of deep pink, red and white, the roses chosen are linked to her wedding day and to her official roles and express themes of continuity, tradition and love.  You can walk through the display, taking in the romantic cascades of roses, such as this one called American Pillar.

roses 1

roses 2

The Tradition rose


White roses, though, were apparently Diana’s favourite flowers and the display features four varieties – Wedding Day, Princess Diana, Francis E Lester and, my personal favourite  The Garland… a dreamy white rambling rose with a touch of delicate pink.

The Garland – associated with Diana’s own wedding day

roses 3

roses 5

roses 6

My husband waited patiently for me, while I meandered around the roses, trying to capture a little of their beauty. And although it was a dull sort of day (as can happen here in July), I hope these pictures give you a flavour of what awaits you, if you are able to visit. I might still be there too, wandering …

roses 8

Lady Dixon Park is located in south Belfast, not too far from the city centre and is open throughout the year. Admission is free and in the summer you can usually find an ice cream van parked along one of the main avenues, if you fancy a treat !  You can find more information here .

Do you have roses in your garden ? Or a favourite rose ? Feel free to share any tips too as I would really love to have a rambling rose in my garden. It might be the start of a wonderful new relationship πŸ™‚

Have a lovely day x

  1. I adore roses! ☺️ I’ve been filling my garden up with them because there are so many varieties, colours and even their names are just delightful, also most of them are tough as old boots and don’t need any care beyond pruning or deadheading. X

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  2. Great photos Paula πŸ’•
    I have recently taken photos of roses for one of our future posts but I find it hard to like them much I’m afraid. The first one you illustrate I do find attractive though.

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  3. I was never a big fan of roses, but I started looking at them again because they’re very safe for dogs. So this year I’ve bought two kinds of rambling rose – one is very much like a wild dog rose and the other is probably similar to the American Pillar but it hasn’t flowered yet so I’m waiting to see!

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    1. I must admit…I am starting to warm to them too, particularly rambling roses. That’s good to know they are safe for dogs. Boris does love to smell the flowers ! πŸ™‚


    2. Winston likes to eat the greenery in the back yard when he has a gurgly tummy and no access to the cleavers in the park, so we have to look for safe things! My red rambler has its first flower today…

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