A morning in early June

On and off on Saturday the heavens opened. In between the deluges, there was just enough time to have a morning wander around the lovely Antrim Castle Gardens. It’s becoming a favourite haunt of mine – so many childhood memories from yesteryear wrapped up in this place, so many beautiful flowers to enjoy in the present day.  As I walked around in wistful admiration, I noticed that the place was slowly filling up with fellow flower lovers. I thought to myself…there is so much in the world to divide us, yet a common love of flowers can bring us together. 




I asked permission to walk on one of the flower beds so I could take a picture of the red poppies. Not only did the elderly gardener with his shock of white hair say yes, but picking up on my enthusiasm he gave me some seed heads to bring home. I just loved the way the poppies shone in the late morning sunlight.


The cottage garden is a haven for bees, they were busily buzzing around everywhere.

044 (2)

These alliums caught my eye. I would love to have these in my own garden but I fear it is just a tad too windy.


A bird’s eye view over the garden…


I’m not sure what this plant is, but it had lovely delicate white flowers.


All in all, a lovely morning spent among the flowers. What could be nicer? For more information about the gardens, you can visit this  website .

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