The May tree

A few days ago dad and I were talking, as you do, and he reminded me that just outside our old house there was a hawthorn tree that flowered every spring, in a blaze of frothy white, and every seven years or so the flowers turned pink.  I’m not sure how true the latter is but the memory prompted me to have a walk around the neighbourhood where I live now. One of the streets is lined with hawthorn trees and looking a little closer I noticed that while most of the trees had white flowers, the blossom on some was indeed a delicate blush pink, turning to a deeper pink around the edges.  Really rather pretty.


After a bit of research on Google, I discovered the hawthorn tree is also known as the May tree and is the only British plant named after the month in which it blooms (reference The Woodland Trust website).   So much seems to come to life in May,  it might just be my favourite month !

  1. Lovely photos. I love to see the hawthorn in bloom and funnily enough as I drove home this afternoon I noticed that many of them were tinged in pink and wondered if it happens every year and I just hadn’t noticed. My granny and mum used to say, when we were children, ne’er cast a clout til May is out. I used to think it meant the month of May but it actually means the may (hawthorn) tree.

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    1. I think the turning pink happens in more mature trees. I didnt know that the saying. Hopefully now the May is out we can finally put our winter clothes away but with our weather who knows !!

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