A last dash to the coast

Saturday was a lovely November day…dry and sunny and with just enough chill in the air to warrant some cosy layers  . The perfect day for a trip around our stunning coastline to get a last glimpse of the sea before winter arrives and the festive season is upon us.

We set off along the Causeway coast, following the road that hugs the coastline from Belfast, winding as it does this way and that, the sea on our right, headlands and rocky outcrops on our left, wishing we lived in one of the many lovely cottages that sit snugly at the sea’s edge.


Although we had no particular destination in mind, we finally stopped at Waterfoot , one of a series of pretty villages along the Causeway coast. We wandered along the deserted sandy beach, taking in the views, breathing in the sea air and enjoying the rays of early November sunshine on our faces. Such familiar scenery to us, but still breathtaking. I walked up into the sand dunes to take a few photographs,  the dunes filled with grasses and pretty seedheads, dried by the sea air. With hardly a soul to be seen, it seemed we had the beach just to ourselves…lovely.







After a good walk,  we returned to the car to drive back along the coast to Carnlough for a Saturday afternoon lunch at the Londonderry Arms Hotel. I do recommend a stop here as the food is lovely and it’s full of local history, having been built in 1848 as a coaching inn.

Then, it was back in the car for the final leg of our journey home, stopping briefly at Garron Point for a last look at the beautiful scenery. It’s no surprise then that Lonely Planet named Belfast and the Causeway Coast the top region to visit in 2018.

Something us locals have perhaps known all along 🙂 …



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Have a lovely Wednesday 🙂

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