Wildflower wasteland

At the approach to the  picturesque village of Glenarm lie some derelict buildings – namely, an old pottery and what looks to have been a showroom of some kind. Situated next to the marina, they are, I guess, prime real estate and would make the perfect venue for a restaurant or a small hotel even. Yet, so far, they remain undeveloped and amidst the pretty and perfectly tidy floral displays that greet you as you enter the village, these old buildings have become an unruly haven for wildflowers (or weeds, depending on your point of view !).

Pottersglen Pottery

Admittedly, not everyone might appreciate the space, but a short wander through reveals a beauty that is not immediately obvious.

I think this white flower is Queen Anne’s lace, not sure about the pink one ?

wildflower 1

wildflowers 5

wildflowers 4

wildflowers 10

Buddleia which seems to grow just about anywhere !


wildflowers 9

wildflowers 11

One of my favourites – rosebay willowherb

wildflowers 8

wildflowers 6

And as we become more and more aware of the state of our climate, it got me thinking that we need to embrace, indeed encourage these spaces more, to allow nature space and time to reclaim what was taken away.  This presents a challenge no doubt for councils, town planners and developers and to our own ideas of what makes an attractive space.

What’s your take on this ? I would love to hear what you think on this subject so feel free to leave a comment below.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photographs. If photography has taught me anything, it’s that there is beauty to be found everywhere. You just need to stop for a second and observe it.

Have a lovely Sunday x

Nature’s own flat lay 

natures flatlay


  1. What stunning photographs! I love abandoned industrial sites being taken over by nature. You may have seen it already, but if not you may enjoy an item which was featured on Friday’s Gardener’s World about a huge (400 acre) former heavy industry park in Germany which has been turned into the most wonderful public park and nature reserve. I would love to go there!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I quite like these photos too. No I haven’t seen GW this week but will be sitting down shortly to watch it on catch up with my tea and toast. Thanks for the tip !!!

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  2. I’m trying to identify the pink flowers and wondering if they could be valerian, though I’m not sure. They are beautiful whatever they are. I love your last picture , it looks like embroidery. There is some wasteland near where I live ( I think it will be built on soon) and for now nature has reclaimed the land. Lots of thistles but more unusually, there are a few poppies, cornflowers and borage. It’s like someone tipped a packet of wildflower seeds in there. Maybe they did! The butterfles and bees are loving it. X

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    1. Oh I will Google valerian and compare it to some of the other pictures I took. I should really bring a book or something with me when I’m out and about !! And yes that last picture does look like embroidery now that you mention it 🙂


  3. Hi, I’m here by accident. The pottery wasn’t real, but invented for the film A Christmas Star. I painted the sign in 2015 and was meant to also remove it. but the owners of the place decided they want to keep it. I’m glad its still convincing though 🙂

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