Beauty in the garden

The late Doris Day once said ‘ Well I do find the beauty in animals. I find beauty everywhere.  I find beauty in my garden’.

And, despite the extremes of weather that have left my little garden battered and rather bruised around the edges (and myself a little downhearted), I still find beauty in my garden too.

I can always rely on the cosmos, the wallflowers and the love in a mist to bring colour and a touch of dream like delicacy to the proceedings (not to mention the butterflies).

The sun has switched itself on to full mode this Sunday morning and I’m going to make some coffee and out I’ll go to make the most  of these rare rays.  But not before I share some snapshots from our little plot. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy photographing them.

Have a lovely Sunday x

Cosmos in early morning sunlight

cosmos 2

Love in a mist…from bud to bloom

love in a mist 1

love in a mist 2

love in a mist 3

love in a mist 6

love in a mist 4

Wallflowers…loved by butterflies

wallflowers 2

wallflowers 4

wallflowers 1

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