An autumn collection

October has been a quiet month round these parts. At weekends, I’ve been content to wander round some of our local parks, eager to enjoy the autumnal sunshine and feel the crunch of the leaves underfoot.  I love this time of year more than any other. And while I’ve always enjoyed October’s golden tones, I find myself equally drawn to the  lingering morning mist and the muted colours as nature slows down around us.  And as the air turns cooler and crisper and the nights draw in, I love too that sense of retreating indoors to the cosiness of home.

As ever, my camera comes with me these days …here’s a few shots from my ‘autumn collection’ 🙂






These past few days, in particular, have been glorious. Is it just me or has autumn come a little later this year ? In any case, it was worth the wait…to see that beautiful autumnal sunshine light up the leaves, creating nature’s own autumn fireworks.





In the meantime, have a lovely Sunday (with an  extra hour in bed !). I’m on the lookout for some good books to read this autumn (fiction/non fiction – I don’t mind)  so please share any recommendations you have in the comments below.


  1. Mount Stewart must be fabulous at the moment. I can imagine views across the lake with the autumnal colours.

    Scent by Isabel Bannermann is a good read!

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    1. Tell me about it! I’m not a tech person, but I refuse to be wounded by tech… We can adapt to anything. We can learn anything. I have learned so much in the past three years that I have been blogging. But you are right, Paula —it takes time. I wish I had more time. Can I put that on my Christmas wish list? 😉

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