Little joys in June

I can’t believe June is almost over.  I am taking some time off in July and am looking forward to a little roadtrip to stay somewhere very nice for a few days.  I can’t wait. Still, it always feels good to reflect on the month as it slips away … a mixed month on the weather front, some sunny days and heavy rain, busy days at work, everyday chores and spending time with my camera.

A few highlights for me have been…

Pretty nemesias – a new addition to my garden. I just love the delicate lilac petals , a lovely contrast against the dark green hedge.



A walk along the sea front on a calm sunny day, enjoying the views across Belfast Lough and stopping every so often so people can say hello to Boris. He does seem to attract attention wherever he goes. And after a good walk, sitting down at a picnic table with a flask of coffee. Lovely !






Enjoying candle light in the garden. I bought these tealight stakes a few years ago from a lovely website called Dee Puddy.  They have weathered beautifully in that time, and their rusty patina adds a lovely touch to the garden on a nice evening.


And after a long day, looking out the window to see a beautiful sunset sky on an evening in early June.


Hope you have been enjoying June wherever you are. Have a lovely weekend.

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