winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

This weekend the snow arrived.  We woke up early to that hushed sound,  when you already sense the snow has fallen before you even look out the window. And then, after warming up with a morning coffee, I ventured out into the cold to walk through the snow and enjoy the landscape… frozen, white and glistening in the sunshine.




I made my way round to Carnmoney hill that rises in the distance . As it was early, it was deserted, hardly a soul to be seen and the snow lay untouched, pristine and beautiful.






Then, as the cold started to bite, I turned to make my way home, my puffs of breath hanging in the air as I walked, my toes almost numb. I reached the small copse of trees nearby where some children had come out to play in the snow. The scene felt magical as the morning sun rose to light up the snow laden branches.  I stopped to watch them briefly before crossing the road and stepping inside into the warmth again, enchanted by the winter scenes I had just encountered.



Have a lovely Sunday everyone. Stay warm and safe in the snow x

  1. Beautiful pics. Really like #2, # 7 and the first one with the kids playing in the snow. BTW #7 looks like a Christmas card! Very nice. Glad I have found your blog through a mutual friend (thanks Darren). You got my follow. Got to go browsing some more of your site. -Dominique 😉

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