Antrim Castle Gardens

Shades of Autumn

My love affair with autumn began as a young teenager. I can remember quite clearly the moment it began . It was a beautifully crisp Sunday morning in September and I was wearing the new jumper my mum had bought me. I left the house to go visit a friend and found myself walking through huge piles of golden leaves which crunched under my feet. I remember kicking the leaves into the air as I walked through them and a general sense of happiness and contentment because the season seemed to agree with me. A fleeting moment but a defining one, because I still feel the same now when autumn returns each year.

It’s no surprise then that I take more photographs in autumn than any other season , perhaps because autumn never seems to last long enough for me. I am always keen to capture those gorgeous, golden, but somewhat melancholy moments before winter makes its presence felt and I thought I would share a few of my personal favourites here.


Heleniums and verbena bonariensis creating a riot of autumn colour at Antrim Castle Gardens

Ballylagan Organic Farm…I love a wander round this place and often take dad with me too. On our last visit it was the house that caught my eye as I returned back from a walk around the farm trail. From a distance it looked like the house was on fire, covered as it was in virginia creeper. Up close, it was even more spectacular…

Golden October at Bangor’s walled garden – a first visit for me and it did not disappoint. Loved this view, in particular, which greets when you enter the garden with the last of the dahlias adding some bright pops of colour.

Wandering in the woods ….the best time to visit must surely be autumn ?

autumn woods

And finally, after two years, a return visit to Montalto Estate, just outside Ballynahinch. The whole experience was like stepping into an autumn fairy tale. I do recommend a visit if you get the chance, particularly at this time of year. There are a number of easy walking trails you can follow and then round off your visit with lunch at the cosy cafe.

Unlike yesterday, today has been a blustery affair and it’s been a mad dash round the garden to tidy up, store away the garden furniture and finally start planting the 100 bulbs I ordered. I think I got a little carried away when I ordered online back in August but I’m sure my efforts will be rewarded with glorious colour come spring time. For now though , I am happy to stay in autumn.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday,

Paula x

  1. It’s a few years since we took a trip up North to visit gardens and you have brought a few I hadn’t heard of to my attention. They are very beautiful and certainly worth a visit.

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    1. Our usual run would include Rowallane, Mount Stewart, Castleward, the Botanic Gardens and Seaforde. We’ll have a few others to include on the next trip.

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